Connext is a modular interoperability protocol that lets you build secure crosschain apps (xApps)

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Core concept

Introducing xCall

Move tokens and data using xCall, a simple primitive that lets you send any kind of data and funds across chains.

No need to set up any infrastructure: create JS-style promises and callbacks directly in your solidity smart contracts.

Security By Design

Across the industry, billions have been lost in bridge hacks, as a result of monolithic systems that have poor trust models. Connext takes a different approach, prioritizing security and trust-minimization above all else.
Connext utilizes a modular architecture that relies on battle-tested canonical bridges (like rollups and other AMBs) to verify messages. This drastically reduces the number of trust assumptions the user is exposed to.

Optimistically Secured

In the worst case scenario, Connext leverages an optimistic security model that falls back on the underlying security of Ethereum and utilizes a network of watchers that can help the system if something goes wrong.
Security-First Mindset
Security and tust-minimization are a core part of our philosophy. Our architecture has been rigorously audited, and we're working closely with the security community to develop the ecosystem's broader understanding of crosschain communication.

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